victoriabeckhamLondon: Victoria Beckham has been presented with an opportunity to help design a luxury hotel for a whopping 25million pounds fee.

The ruler of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, personally wrote to ask her on to the project.

The offer came after Posh, 35, and husband David met senior royals while holidaying in the Gulf last year.

The hotel would be on Isla Moda, a fashion-themed isle off Dubai being developed with the help of top designer Karl Lagerfeld.And it is believed that Posh might just decline the offer if she feels she does not have enough time to dedicate herself properly to the plan.

“Even in these credit-crunched times, the fee offered to Victoria was astronomical. She was absolutely stunned,” a daily quoted a source close to the deal as saying.

“But after meeting the Sheik and virtually the entire back catalogue of Who’s Who in Dubai last summer, she received an email from him asking her to get involved with the project. She was asked to put her name to the hotel and help with everything from room design to the make of the wardrobes and furnishings,” added the insider.

Victoria has not yet decided whether to sign up.
“The parties have been emailing each other for a number of months. The sum offered was incredible and Victoria obviously loves Dubai,” said the source.

And if she takes up the offer, she wants to be very hands-on and involved with all the decision-making.

“She’s not just going to put her name to anything for money. It has to be a fantastic project. The other stumbling block is time. As ever, she is simply so busy being a mum and tied down with her own fashion collection. It’s a very tempting offer, nonetheless,” added the insider.

A spokeswoman for Posh said: “Victoria is always keen to look at ways of growing her business but for now her focus is New York fashion week next month.”