COURTNEY Stodden was showing the haters she just doesn’t care with her latest sizzling snap.

hpCelebs Go Dating’s Courtney Stodden who famously married Green Mile actor Doug Hutchinson, 57, in 2011 when she was just 16 has become an advocate for body confidence in recent times.

drThe Celebrity Big Brother babe who is currently going through divorce proceedings is constantly flooding the official Courtney Stodden Instagram page with an array of blisteringly-hot snaps as she is keen to proudly parade her killer curves.

ggThe aspiring singer who released song Orange Juice and Pink Pills on Valentine’s Day this year has built up an impressive fanbase over the last seven years, and she now boasts 272K followers on Instagram.

niHowever, so often with a legion of supporters comes a group of haters as she recently revealed.

duShe recently posted a video on her Instagram page speaking about the negative comments she’s received.

Courtney, 23, said: “I’m used to being slut-shamed, right, we’re used to that ladies if we’re like proud of our body and we like to show it off, it’s like ‘Oh you’re such a slut.’ Ok fine.

“But like, I’ve been getting fat-shamed lately and I mean like I don’t know, the only thing that’s fat is somebody’s stupid jealous comments. That’s fat.

“You know, being curvy is beautiful, being skinny is beautiful. If you want to show off your body people say [she’s] a slut – that’s beautiful. This is the year of the woman, shut up!”

And promoting her philosophy once more, Courtney took to Instagram to post a smoking hot snap of her in her undies along with a straight-talking message.

The caption read: “Pink lingerie day #lingerie #mirror selfie. BTW! I’m embracing my body the way it is.

“Yes, I stay healthy and exercise – but I’m not trying to be stick thin or muscly (alright fat shamers?) Not that I look down on SUPER SKINNY… there’s beauty in every physical shape.

Ladies, feel confident in your own skin. Even if you haven’t had or had PLASTIC SURGERY! F*** surgery shamers, shamers who hate on people who haven’t had surgery, slut shamers, FAT shakers, ALLL SHAMERS…

“They’re mean and cruel and unhappy [sic] #loveyourself.”

You go, Courtney!