Lindsay Lohan discovered the meaning of hard work when she filmed her cameo role in U.S. TV series UGLY BETTY, according to her co-star VANESSA WILLIAMS. The “Mean Girls” actress appeared in four episodes of the comedy series last year (08) as Betty’s former childhood enemy Kimmie Keegan.

Lohan was reportedly shocked at how hard the cast members have to work to produce each installment, compared to the laid-back pace of movie sets. And Williams believes the experience taught the film star a valuable lesson. She says, “It takes 10 days to do one episode of ‘Ugly Betty’ and we work gruelling, gruelling hours because we’ve got a lot of production, which you can tell. You watch for an hour and you see the production on stage, you see how intricate our episodes are. You know, we don’t have the luxury that the film world has, or the time. She (Lohan) was on for three, I guess three episodes or so, and she got a taste of what it’s like to be on our set.”