angelina-jolie0051Angelina Jolie says new mums should “enjoy every minute” of having a baby. She added, “Because it goes so fast.”

The 35-year-old star was talking to Sydney-based 2Day FM’s Kyle and Jackie O radio show over the phone from Los Angeles.

Speaking to presenter Jackie O who has just had a baby girl, Angelina said, “Enjoy every minute of it… it is the best time in your life, and strap them to you and sleep in the same bed with them… and just love every second. Congratulations Jackie.”

Talking about the attention she, partner Brad Pitt and their children received when she was filming The Tourist with Johnny Depp in Venice last year, she added, “You just have to focus on the positive side of it, I got to spend two months in Venice filming which nobody gets to do, with a co-star who’s so much fun and so lovely, it’s hard to say no to.”

She also said it was important for her family to stay together, even when she or Brad is working.