The fashion designer and the actress were seen enjoying glasses of red wine as they played around on social media

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham

They’ve been BFFs for years and often gush about one another on social media.

And now Victoria Beckham ,42, and Eva Longoria , 41, have given fans a sneak peek into their friendship, posting a Snapchat video from a “wine o’clock” drinking session.

In the video the women are seen posing with glasses of red wine as they try out different filters on the social media app.

In one clip the pair are using the popular dog filter and at one point Eva sticks out her tongue, and sees the animated dog tongue come out from her mouth.

And in another video the girls are seen wearing a special Halloween-inspired floral crown filter as they pout into the camera.

Eva is heard saying: “Oh hellllooooo,” before adding: “Happy Halloween!”

Although the fashion designer remains silent, she strokes the air in front of her face.

The women have been friends since Victoria and her family moved to Los Angeles in 2007.

As Victoria’s expanding fashion empire grew, Eva supported her friend by wearing her designs to big events.

And when it came to choosing a wedding dress for her big day earlier this year, Victoria was the obvious choice.

In July, Eva opened up on the friendship, revealing that she considered Victoria one of her closest friends.