Victoria Beckham was recently tapped to appear as a guest judge during the first round of “American Idol” auditions in place of the recently departed Paula Abdul. And despite the fact that Beckham was reportedly excited to step up to the judges’ table, her stint on the show didn’t go too fantastically, as she was found to be stiff and icy. What a shocker. Why should the day she judges “American Idol” contestants be any different for Victoria Beckham than any other day in her life?

Victoria had claimed to be “beyond excited” before judging began on Friday at the auditions in Denver. But once inside the audition room, Beckham was her usual dour self. A source that spoke to Radar Online said, “It didn’t go too well. She tried too hard to be ‘nice,’ but came off as icy and wooden.”

Sounds like people were nostalgic for Paula Abdul. There’s nothing to really hit home how much you miss the easily moved to tears Abdul, like bringing in someone who shows as much emotion as a piece of cardboard. We bet Paula Abdul’s mood swings, and perpetually glassy eyes are looking a little more valuable to producers than they had in the past.

Many who auditioned for the show voiced their sadness at Paula Abdul being gone – probably because they had hoped to see at least one friendly face in the audition room, and Victoria’s pout wasn’t exactly a soothing sight.

As for Paula, if she’s bummed about leaving “Idol,” she’s not letting the world know it. Abdul recently tweeted, “Just had a great workout at the gym-now it’s off to catch up on some of my fav shows on tivo like CSI.” We’re sure Paula Abdul is able to relax in peace knowing that she’s left everyone on “Idol” freaking out over who to replace her with – and that if she wants it, a “Dancing With the Stars” gig is just around the corner.