Victoria Beckham has sparked health fears after being spotted getting thinner by the week.

The former Spice Girl recently shocked people with her skinny frame as she arrived to judge US talent show ‘American Idol’.

The fashion icon was said to be photographed with skinnier looking arms, bonier looking legs and disappearing cheekbones every few days.

And the mum-of-three has now drawn concerns that she maybe wasting away with her barely-there figure. “When you see her shoulders looking bony, you look at the arms and see them so thin and legs that actually go in above the knee, we are talking about muscle wasting away – and that is very indicative of someone who is underweight,” News of the World quoted GP Dr Hilary Jones as saying.

“There is immense pressure on models and celebs to stay stick thin – sometimes it can become an obsession.

“We’ve seen lots of celebrities yo-yoing weight wise. Victoria isn’t the only one – there has been much talk about Madonna’s arms and veins,” she added.