vanessa-hudgens-032310-1Looking absolutely adorable, Vanessa Hudgens was spotted going into a medical building on a warm spring afternoon in Los Angeles on Tuesday (March 23).

Emerging after about 30 minutes, the “High School Musical” hottie donned a light blue shirt dress with a pair of strappy sandals as she walked quickly along the sidewalk with a big smile on her face.

Miss Hudgens is currently gearing up for the release of her new movie, “Sucker Punch,” of which she tells, “I have a movie called ‘Sucker Punch’ coming out in 2011 that Zack Snyder directed, and I’m very excited about it because I finally get to be an extreme badass and kick butt.”

The movie stars Vanessa as Blondie, an inmate in the institution with Emily Browning’s character, Baby Doll, as they plan to escape. The film may be shown in 3-D although that wasn’t the plan for the film. “I think it might be [coming out in 3-D] … actually, we didn’t shoot it for 3-D,” she said. “And I just found out the other day. I’m just excited to know that when I throw my tomahawk, it’s going right in your face.”

And playing a new character isn’t the only new exciting thing she gets to take on. “There were so many [scenes that I love],” she said. “I get to shoot a .50-cal gun, which is a gun that’s on the back of a tank that’s in the Army. It’s intense. It’s just the most thrilling thing a person can ever do is shoot that gun.”