Donald Trump had plenty of run-ins with the CIA ahead of his inauguration, particularly over what influence Russia did or did not have on his election.

But the day after being sworn in as the new Commander in Chief, America’s 45th President addressed 300 agents in Langley, Virginia.


Standing in front of the famous Memorial Wall, he tried to set aside the feud, blaming it on the media, and turned his attention to the evil of Isis.

He also reflected on coverage of his inauguration and set out his side of the Winston Churchill vs Dr Martin Luther King bust row.  Well, I want to thank everybody – very, very special people. And it is true: this is my first stop. Officially. We’re not talking about the balls , and we’re not talking about even the speeches. Although, they did treat me nicely on that speech yesterday [LAUGHTER].

I always call them “the dishonest media”, but they treated me nicely. [LAUGHTER]

But, I want to say that there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the CIA than Donald Trump. [APPLAUSE]. There’s nobody. Nobody. [APPLAUSE]

And the wall behind me is very, very special. We’ve been touring for quite a while. And I’ll tell you what: twenty – nine? I can’t believe it.. Oh, 28. We’d better reduce it. But that’s amazing. And we really appreciate what you ‘ve done in terms of showing us something very special – and your whole group. These are really special, amazing people. Very, very few people could do the job you people do.

And I want to just let you know: I am so behind you. And I know maybe sometimes you haven’t gotten the backing that you’ve wanted. And you’re going to get so much backing. Maybe you’re going to say: “Please don’t give us so much backing”. [LAUGHTER] “Mr President, please, we don’t need that much backing.” [LAUGHTER]

But you’re going to have that. And I think everybody in this room knows it.

You know, the military and the law-enforcement generally speaking, but, all of it, but the military, gave us tremendous percentages of votes. We were unbelievably successful in the election with getting the vote of the military and probably almost everybody in this room voted for me, but I will not ask you to raise your hands if you did. [LAUGHTER]

But I would guarantee a big portion – Because we’re all on the same wavelength, folks. We’re all on the same wavelength. [APPLAUSE] Right? [POINTS] He knows. Took Brian about 30 seconds to figure that one out, right? Because we know. We’re on the same wavelength. But, we’re going to do great things. We’re going to do great things. We’ve been fighting these wars for longer than any wars we’ve ever fought. We have not used the real abilities that we have. We’ve been restrained.

We have to get rid of ISIS. We have to get rid of ISIS. We have no choice. [APPLAUSE] Radical Islamic terrorism – and I said it yesterday – has to be eradicated. Just off the face of the Earth. This is evil. This is evil.

And you know, I can understand the other side. We can all understand the other side. There can be wars between countries. There can be wars. You can understand what happened. This is something nobody could even understand. This is a level of evil that we haven’t seen.

And you’re going to go to it, and you’re going to do a phenomenal job. But we’re going to end it. It’s time. It’s time right now to end it. You have somebody coming on [Mike Pompeo] who is extraordinary. You know for the different positions, of secretary of this and secretary of that and all of these great positions , I’d see five, six, seven, eight people.

And we had a great transition. We had an amazing team of talent. And by the way, General Flynn is right over here. Put up your hand, Mike. What a good guy. [APPLAUSE] And Reince, and my whole group. Reince. You know Reince? They don’t care about Reince. He’s like, this political guy that turned out to be a superstar, right? We don’t have to talk about Reince.