When Justin Bieber’s new music video with DJ Khaled dropped last month – the only question on everyone’s lips was who was the mystery girl on the white horse?

vrIryna Ivanova has been making quite a splash in the Hollywood scene of late.

byThe curvy brunette has been hailed as the ”queen of the Instagram underboob” and is taking that title very seriously.

nuWith over 2.8million followers on the social network – along with 210,000 on Twitter and 500,000 on Facebook – Iryna knows how to work her 30F assets to her advantage.

hoIn a recent interview, Iryna revealed to the Daily Star Online: “This was my first time ever being part of a music video.

“The whole experience from the start at 7am riding a white horse until the end at 10pm watching girls dancing and swimming in the pool was surreal for me.”

plDespite her body confidence, Iryna said she is actually a very shy person.

“I have never met so many famous artists together all at once, so to be honest I was intimidated to even ask for a picture,” she said.

nk“People assume that because I have posed nude for Playboy that I can do anything, however I am actually a very shy person.”

However, the thing Iryna didn’t enjoy about the music video was having to wear underwear.

miTalking about her recent debut, she said: “Unfortunately I had to wear a bra.”

Taking her kit off has earned Iryna her large Instagram following – as she regularly posts pictures of herself scantily clad.

During a previous interview with the Daily Star Online, the model said she was born in Russia but grew up in Crimea, Ukraine in a life of poverty but relocated to America when she was 16.