With her new album “Red” set to take over the charts on Monday (October 22), Taylor Swift garnered herself a little added exposure by covering the latest issue of Billboard magazine.

The 22-year-old country superstar looked darling in a white top with blue capris as she strummed her guitar for the Brian Doben shot spread while dishing all about her new album and readying for its release.

Highlights from Miss Swift’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Billboard!

On her new disc’s sound:
“I’m 22. I’m all over the place, so my record is all over the place. All these emotions are very loud and very different. At one end of the spectrum you have ‘Sad Beautiful Tragic,’ which is a breakup song in the form of a funeral march, and you also have ‘Never Ever Getting Back Together’ again, which is a breakup song in the form of a parade.”

On not playing her new material before it’s released:
“We’re really paranoid, knock on wood, about a leak. So we don’t even go near a song that hasn’t been released. We don’t even practice them.”

On efforts made in hopes of achieving big sales:
“The first step was to look at where we wanted the record to go. A worldwide release, really – we made that a priority. To me, the answer to every question of ‘Will you do this to promote the album?’ was ‘yes.’ My team has come up with brilliant ways to market this record, to expand the retail footprint. Selling an album in Walgreens, selling it at Papa John’s – these are all different ways that have so far been unexplored, so we’ll see what happens.”