Taylor Momsen doesn’t half know how to attract attention – among other things too clearly.

Former Gossip Girl star Taylor has stripped completely naked for her band The Pretty Reckless’s new album Going to Hell and it’s a bit naughty.dr

The 20-year-old Pretty Reckless frontwoman is obviously proud of her body as she sits – TOTALLY NAKED – on the floor.

With only a cross shaped into an arrow – which is pointing in – well, let’s call it an ‘interesting’ direction – as her only body covering, the effect is X-rated.

What on earth happened to sweet Little Jenny from Gossip Girl? We blame Blair Waldorf for this. Or we would, if she weren’t a fictional character.

saIt’s not the first time Taylor has used a bit of nudity for record sales. Back when she was barely out of Gossip Girl, the then-teenage singer shed her inhibitions and most of her clothes for one of her music videos.

Walking through the backstreets of a city throwing off her clothes – including jewellery – like a woman possessed, Taylor she ends up in just her undercrackers and a pair of stripper heels.

Taylor Momsen naked on the The Pretty Reckless album cover UHQ 1.jpg

Taylor Momsen naked on the The Pretty Reckless album cover UHQ 1.jpg

And a LOT of black eyeliner, obviously.

You’ve got to give it to Taylor – she may seem a bit clothing averse but the girl can crack out a tune like the best of them.

Watch the video for the Pretty Reckless’ Make Me Wanna Die below.