A mum accused of blocking driveways with her Land Rover during the school run has protested her innocence.

Residents in Derby claim a white 4×4 is making lives ‘a misery’ with ‘selfish’ parking in the morning and afternoon when children arrive and depart a nearby primary school.


Former soldier Benjamin Broadhurst posted a series of pictures of the Land Rover parked up and allegedly causing problems for other traffic.

He says the driver has been rude when challenged.

The driver was named locally last night as Izabela Szczepanska who lives just a few minutes round the corner from the school.

She claimed not to have received complaints, telling the Daily Mail: “No one has told me or come to my house telling [me] that I blocked someone.

“Just because my car is white and stands out does not mean I am at fault.”

Her partner Kully Singh, 43, added: “In future I will now tell her to walk the son to school instead.”



The parking feud near Stenson Fields Primary Community School has reportedly been ongoing for three years.

Police and council have told residents that there is little they can do.

Benjamin, now a property engineer and neighbourhood watch coordinator, said: “She’s endangering lives. And that’s not an exaggeration.

“The way she parks for example, other vehicles have to swerve out around her.

“She has no regard for anybody else other than herself. She’s selfish.

“She has a bigger vehicle than everybody else so she can park where she wants, the way she wants.

“There have a been a few interesting exchanges of words between people.

“Mainly the people dropping their kids of. I’ve heard people try to talk to her but she just shuts the window and drives off.

“She has the ‘I can park where I want because there aren’t any parking restrictions’ conversation.”

A series of images collected by residents show the white Land Rover appearing to block driveways and a grass verge also left churned up.

Another resident Jess Howe, 23, backed claims the driver had blocked driveways.

Jess, who works as a courier, said: “She has no respect.

“She had been parking across the road from my mum and dad’s house two months before it started happening [to me].