ZADHIA Allen has never been one to cover up.

hkSo we can’t really blame her for stripping off for Christmas.

jkThe Ex On The Beach beauty took to Instagram to flaunt her chest in one of the most daring gowns we have ever seen.

Featuring a plunging neckline, the garment meant 90% of Zahida’s assets were proudly on display.

bbIn fact, due to the fact she ditched her bra for the snap, Sean Pratt’s girlfriend risked exposing her nipples at any moment.

bgHowever, her latest upload wasn’t just a chance to flaunt her assets and gain a few more followers.

Zahida’s festive post had a deeper meaning.

Alongside the snap, Sean Pratt’s missus wrote: “Merry Christmas everyone… and especially to those who are feeling alone, you are not alone, you can do this.

“Sparing a thought to everyone who has lost a loved one, losing someone at any time of year is difficult but Christmas is always a reminder to us all of those who we truly miss.”

She continued: “Feeling happy, sad and grateful all in one and appreciating everything I have.”

Zahida previously spoke frankly about her mental health, admitting she suffered from an eating disorder before she was famous.

In a heartfelt upload to her Instagram account in August, Zahida wrote: “I can’t believe I am even posting this. But I feel like I have no choice.

“I know I don’t have to explain myself to anybody but I am SICK of having to deal with people calling me pregnant…

“When I was younger I suffered from health issues.

“I was anorexic at one point and on the road to recovery, I was bang into modelling where certain people told me I had to remain a certain size & it was slowly I started realised that it was wrong. [sic]”

She added: “That wasn’t a good enough then and the size I am isn’t good enough now.

“The size I am currently, is the biggest I have ever been and tbh I am quite happy that I don’t look like the image on the left anymore. [sic]”