RHIAN SUGDEN recently announced that she was going to be hanging up her Page 3 girl shoes and she’s now hit out at trolls who have made her feel “insecure”, with her insisting that it’s all “feminism gone mad”.

Rhian, 30, questioned why the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo can strip off for sexy shoots without anyone batting an eyelid and she urged girls to just “do what they have to do” in terms of social media.

ftSpeaking exclusively to Rhian explained: “It’s completely up to women to do what they want. It’s different when men strip down, when you see Cristiano Ronaldo in magazines and everyone’s like ‘oh, look at him half naked!’ But for some reason, [with women] it’s completely different.

“You just do what you want to do, I don’t see a problem with it. It’s like the whole Emma Watson thing, just because she got her boobs out, people don’t take her seriously anymore. Well, why not? The world’s gone mad! Feminism’s gone mad.”

trAdmitting that some of the negative comments online have resulted in her not wanting to pose topless anymore, Rhian went on: “There has always been the pressure of how to look, but I’ve started posting pictures now with no make-up on, because I think, ‘do you know what? I’ve done 10 years now, I’m not this glamorous person’.”

yuThe beauty continued: “If you saw me walking round on the street you probably wouldn’t even recognise me. This is who I am, so if you want to s**g me off, at least it’s who I am.

hp“It must make people so insecure because they look at all these celebrities and think, ‘oh my god they’re so flawless’. I am not flawless and I’m happy to say that I’m not! I’m not ashamed of how I look, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

However, she did add: make me so insecure about myself and I think that’s why I’ve started to get a complex about myself now.

th“People on my social media are really nice because they’re all fans of me, but everything else I can’t bear to read it.”

Rhian – who recently shared a snap on Instagram to confirm that she was walking away from Page 3 – has also launched X-rated business ToolBoxXx and she went on to slam the taboo around the sex industry.

fpShe shared: “It’s going really well actually. Surprisingly, it’s been live for four months and I’m actually quite proud of how it’s gone. It’s just me and one other person working on it, who’s doing my admin. I’m impressed with myself how I’ve managed to do up a business having no knowledge.

“[The taboo around the sex industry] is a massive issue! It is probably one of the biggest selling industries. I don’t see why it’s such a big problem, everyone does it.

“When Fifty Shades of Grey was released my sales went through the roof!”