With her new movie “The Bourne Legacy” set to hit French theaters on September 19th, Rachel Weisz cranked up her European promotions by way of a feature included in the September 2012 issue of L’Officiel magazine.

42-year-old actress looks flawless in the Cliff Watts shot spread while dishing about everything from staying in shape to married life

Highlights from Miss Weisz’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to L’Officiel!

On how she keeps in shape:
“Pilates and yoga, I run also on a treadmill in order to accelerate my choppy pulse, a trick I learned from Jeremy Renner on the set of ‘Bourne’. I work to stay in shape: in this business, it is essential. I’m lucky to be slim by nature. As for beauty secrets, I have only cliches to give you: happiness, love, inner life, sleep, drink water…”

On teaming up with now-husband Daniel Craig on the ‘Dream House’ set:
“Actually we already knew [each other]. We performed a play together in London when I was 22 years old.”

On life now that she’s a married woman:
“A marriage certificate does not transform a life, I did not live in sin before and I did not put in the kitchen since (laughs). But I love being married, marriage means a lot to me and I am very happy.”