It’s the stranges thing: We write a well crafted report on an actress being pregnant, and 6 to 8 months later comes the news that actress has given birth. Weird.

In any case, People.com obviously never read our version of “Six Feet Under” star Rachel Griffiths’ pregnancy announcement, evidenced by their lackadaisical coverage of her “delivery news.” According to goldbricking tabloid columnist Blaine Zuckerman, Griffiths (who’s 40 years-old….would it have taken that long to look up, Blaine?) gave birth to a (so far unnamed) daughter, sometime in the recent past. Zuckerman notes that it’s the third child for Rachel and husband Andrew Taylor, and (once again) fails to attempt any comment on the fact the couple named their first child “Banjo.”

C’mon People, you can at least come up with a more creative headline than “Rachel Griffiths Welcomes Her Third Child!”….Can’t you?