People like to have sex.

But when? Well, according to new research, 9am on a Sunday is the most lustful hour of the most sensual day for Brits.

Yes, coming in at number one in the Sunday morning activities league, ahead of Coco Pops, church or a lie in, is getting it on. The sun rises and and the cockerel crows.

The study was conducted by Superdrug , which asked 2,000 people across Britain their top ten most popular times for sex.Lovers-in-bed

The top ten

1.Sunday, 9.00am
2. Saturday, 10.30pm
3. Saturday, 11.30pm
4. Friday, 10.30pm
5. Saturday, 10.30am
6. Saturday, 11.30am
7. Friday, 10.30pm
8. Saturday, 11.15pm
9. Saturday, 9.30pm
10.Sunday, 9.30pm

The research reveals that people have sex as similar times. While you’re enjoying a moment of intimacy, it could be that Sally and Simon at number seven are also rolling around.