BEING a Playboy model must certainly have its benefits.

ccHowever, Australian bombshell Larissa Bartolo has revealed it can sometimes get awkward.

ddThe brunette Playboy vixen has revealed that her boyfriend didn’t even believe she was real before he met her.

dtLarissa exclusively told Daily Star Online: “My boyfriend is a normal Aussie guy.

“We met online when he lived in London. We were chatting a while when I was over there and they when he came back we met up and the rest was history.”

tr“He messaged me through Facebook but he said he thought I was a fake profile.”

Larissa said that her beau is “quite the looker” himself though as she thought he might be a fake too.

tyShe continued: “I thought no, he can’t be real. Then we met up and it was so freaky.

“I had no clue if a real person was going to come around the corner. It could have been so bad.”

As well as awkward dating moments, Larissa also opened up to Daily Star Online recently about her film experience.

The beauty appeared in five different scenes of The Inbetweeners 2, which was mostly filmed in Sydney and Queensland.

Talking about amazing opportunity, she gushed: “It was so fun, I got to meet all the cast.

“We went out after filming, which was a bit naughty.

“It was good for good for the rest of us but now the cast were so hungover the next day.”

We wonder if Will and Simon broke out their dance moves?