NOOMI RAPACE left nothing to the imagination as she stripped completely naked for a ridiculously racy sex scene in her new Netflix film What Happened To Monday?

kiThe actress bared all as she took on the role of seven different characters in the sci-fi flick, which is set to debut later this month.

ktShe stars a septuplets, who are all named after the days of the week, and it appears one will enjoy a very steamy night of passion.

koNoomi can be seen flashing her bare breasts as she lies on her back to enjoy a romp with co-star Marwan Kenzari.

klHer character certainly seems to be enjoying herself as she can be seen in various states of pleasure.

She is later pictured lying in her lover’s arms not long after discovering he has been dating her sister.

The 37-year-old has swapped her dark locks for short blonde tresses for her role as one of seven identical women.

What Happened To Monday? is set in 2073 when families are only allowed one child due to overpopulation.

Families with more than one child, will have their surplus offspring taken away and “put to sleep” until the world has a more stable population.

Noomi’s characters all pretend to be a single person Karen Settman, in order to trick the Child Allocation Bureau.

Their plan runs smoothly until Monday goes missing and the siblings are forced to find out the truth about her disappearance before the authorities discover their secret.