A 42-year-old woman selling dresses on eBay says she has been inundated with crude messages from men – and some have even sent her naked photographs.

Katherine MacPherson, from Wiltshire, runs a small business on the auction site and takes photographs of herself in the dresses to advertise them.

But the mum-of-two claims she receives up to 20 vile messages a day from other eBay users, and is now accusing the site of ignoring the problem.


Katherine even says a man was able to send her a photo of his penis when she had already blocked him after he sent her several insistent messages, which she ignored, the Sun reports .

The mum believes she is being targeted by men who seek out women selling clothes on eBay , and claims she was told her eBay listings had been posted on Facebook pages.

She is now slamming eBay for making it ‘too difficult’ for users to report such harrassment.


Katherine, from Salisbury, told the Sun: “There is sexual harassment that is being ignored and virtually condoned.