There have been so many beautiful and talented British actresses heading over to the US and making a name for themselves in Hollywood over the years, proving that they have what it takes to mix it with the best in the business.

as With that said though, there have also been plenty who have failed to enjoy the success they were hoping for, so have returned to the UK to get other acting roles.

ddWhen it comes to the wonderful actress Michelle Keegan, there is no denying that she is one of the most beautiful actresses to ever grace the British television screens. It is no surprise then, that there have always been a lot of rumours about her heading to Hollywood to see how she fares. It was initially claimed that Michelle would not be interested in working in Hollywood but now she is clear that she would definitely love to work in the US.

koKeegan explained, “I love [LA]. I’ve only been a couple of times, but I find it a really positive and happy place. The weather is always nice and it makes you want to get up in the morning and seize the day. If a job came up in America, I’d jump at the chance but I don’t think I’d move over there because I’m such a homebird. If a job came up where I had to live there for a certain amount of time, I’d definitely do it though.”

We have no doubt that Michelle Keegan would enjoy a huge amount of success in Hollywood because, not only is she one of the hottest women on the face of the Earth, she is also a very talented actress too.