Michelle Keegan has the best abs in all of celebrity – and possibly all the world, if her popping-to-the-shops attire is anything to go by.

Actress Michelle , 29, paid a visit to her local petrol station to fill up her tank wearing her gym gear, which consisted of patterned black and white leggings and a peach crop top. A crop top which showed off her impossibly-toned abs.

One would assume that Michelle’s clearly been hitting the gym super hard recently to get that truly jaw-dropping solid mass of stomach, but no. Get a hankie to drown those sorrows because she’s got some really, really good genes.



Earlier this month, Michelle admitted she’s not been to the gym that much lately but is slowly getting back into her usual fitness regime ahead of filming the new series of BBC drama Our Girl.

“I haven’t gone to the gym because I’ve been working so much at the minute, so I am trying to get back into that now,” she told Daily Star .


Michelle will soon reprise her role as army medic Georgie Lane in the new series of Our Girl, which means she’ll need to get ready for long days of filming carrying heavy equipment in the hot sunshine of South Africa, where the show films. “I also need to go to the gym, especially to improve my stamina,” said Michelle. “You need to be able to carry all the equipment wearing all the gear, the helmets and so on, in the heat.

“It’s more physically demanding than anything I’ve ever done. I’ve never done a boot camp before.”