ANA Espinola is certainly winning her fair share of fans in the modelling world.

kkThe stunning Mexican model has been gaining a huge following since being crowned Miss Bikini Fitness.

mmAnd the brunette bombshell is now building on this after recently being named as a new Playboy bunny.

mjBut what the low-down on the stunning beauty?

muAna, who has been modelling since the age of 19, used to work in accountancy.

frHowever, with looks and a figure as stunning as hers, it’s not hard to see why she went into modelling full-time.

lpAs well as glamour, Ana focuses on her fitness and sees herself as the next Michelle Lewin.

hjTalking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Ana said: ” I admire Michelle because she’s the top fitness model around.”

njAddressing about her own fitness regime, the 34D beauty told us: “I do one hour cardio everyday as well as at least 25 minutes of weights.

“I also make sure I eat healthy every day.

“I avoid carbs and sugar and drink a lot of water.”

Being so fit and stunning must mean the single babe has guys knocking down her door right?

Well Ana admits that she does have a lot of direct messages on social media, however not always the kind you want.

She admitted: “I get a lot of weird questions and guys asking me to send nudes.

“It’s not the kind of stuff that you want really.”

She does admit thats he would date a celeb though, especially one in the sports industry.

So any footballers out there who fancy Ana as a WAG should definitely give her a call.