Marnie Simpson has always been honest about the surgery she’s had – and what’s gone wrong.

Earlier this month, the 25 year old revealed her horror after a botched boob job left her with “oozing wounds” and “deep gashes” to her chest.



When asked what has changed about her body as a result of the surgery, she admitted her private parts are now one of her biggest concerns.

“My vagina! Since having the lipo it’s got really fat from the swelling,” she told Now magazine .

“I hope it goes down, but one thing just leads to another. I wouldn’t want a designer vagina, though. I’ve never had any complaints…”


All together, the Celebrity Big Brother star has had a nose job, lip fillers, a boob lift, liposuction and has even tried Botox.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with how I look,” she admitted.

“I only see faults when I look in the mirror – I never see any of the positives. I have nice hair, but that’s about it.”


Marnie went under the knife two years ago for a boob job after body shaming trolls ruined her confidence in her looks and made her feel as if her figure wasn’t good enough.

But rather than getting the perfect chest she wanted at the time, the reality star was left with nasty wounds and scarring.

Opening up on Channel 5’s Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, Marnie said: “I had big wounds which were oozing. They were oozing green pus and they were just like really deep gashes.

“It looked like I had been attacked by an animal,” she added.

Marnie was left devastated in 2014 when a boob job to “lift and level” her breasts left her with “severe scarring” and “uneven nipple size.”