LUCY MECKLENBURGH gave her Instagram followers a tantalising treat as she posed completely naked in Panama.

koPerching on the edge of a bathtub, the 25-year-old allowed her hourglass figure to take centre stage in the black and white snap.

And she would have certainly given onlookers outside a shock as she stripped off with her nude body facing the window.

hyThe contrasted lighting protected her modesty but the brunette bombshell still managed to show off her peachy derrière in the seriously sexy photo.

Unsurprisingly, her 1.2 million followers went wild for her jaw-dropping snap as one person gushed: “Wow you look amazing great picture!!.

fc“That’s the hottest hourglass I’ve ever seen,” another said, while a third added: “Holy wow! Looking incredible from behind.”

However, eagle-eyed viewers couldn’t help by wonder if Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas was the one behind the camera.

hhThe actor had earlier posted a video striking a very similar resemblance to where Lucy posed nude.

gtAnd they further fuelled the rumours as they both shared an identical clip of their pancake and maple syrup breakfasts.

vb“Well we know who took that,” one person said as another fan wrote: “Good photography”

A third person commented: “Take it you’re with given he’s in Panama also????”