Olivia Buckland put paid to Photoshop speculation on Monday, as she posed up a storm in Marbella.

The Love Island star stripped to a sexy, lingerie-style two-piece, parading her shape in the face of trolls who accused her of slimming down her social media snaps.

For the benefit of those of her confused followers who had seen her in a bikini throughout her stint on ITV2, Olivia confirmed that she had simply lost weight since the show.


Take that, haters: Olivia Buckland showed off her slimmed down figure this week, in a bid to prove to the trolls that she really has lost weight.

Olivia was tweeting her excitement about reuniting with her beau on Monday, after a sun-soaked beach break without him.

Clearly keen to soak up that last bit of sun, the blonde bombshell was all smiles when she was seen on the beach in Marbella this week.

She showcased her hourglass shape in a barely-there colbalt blue bikini that was decorated with hot pink, colour pop lace.

Showing her shape: The heavily-tattooed hottie put paid to speculation that she’s been slimming down her snaps.


Laters, haters: Smouldering on the shoreline, the bikini babe proved she’s 100% real.


After spending six weeks in swimwear, fans were delighted to see Olivia back in her swimwear last week when she posed for a sizzling snap during her trip to Marbella.

Yet many of her 781,000 Instagram followers accused the star of digitally altering her image.

The 22-year-old Essex native wowed in a tiny pink bikini which exhibited her phenomenally slender waist, after which she lashed out at followers for accusing her of using Photoshop.

Some Instagram comments read: ‘Deffo edited her waist init… Mate that’s a joke saw her for 6 weeks straight in a bikini on tv and was nowhere near that hahah… I don’t remember your waist being that thin though… tell me that ain’t photoshopped she looks abnormal.’

An incensed Olivia was adamant her reduced waist was the result of her dark tattoos along the length of her sides – not down to digital alteration or manipulation.

She wrote in her caption: ‘Getting in the Marbs swing of things – bikini and heels – always a winner!… P.S I don’t have photoshop on my phone, I edit my pics and put a filter on. I have a tattoo on my waist. You guys really need to move on and accept it.’

Sculpted: Not only did Olivia come home with a tan, but she also brought home a man.


Seemingly frustrated by the comments further, she then took to Twitter to hit out at her haters as she wrote: ‘I’m not posting this to try and justify anything.

‘However i feel strongly about being honest and truthful with my fans and followers and hate to think you think I’m lying to you.

‘I will take it as a compliment that people think I photoshop my waist. Lets remember TV adds a few pounds and appreciate I have lost weight since being out of the villa. I also know how to take a god damn good photo and work my angles.

Soaking it up: Olivia has barely been out of the sun this summer.

Maybe ill do a tutorial on that next so you can all be accused of using photoshop too. Peace and love yhou all.(sic)’

While many of her mass of followers lashed out at doubters, more comments read: ‘Obviously it is photoshopped no ones legs are that smoothed out and seen ur stomach on tv before not that curvy… Her body didn’t look like that on love island but dammm she is hot xxx

‘Photoshopped… tell me that aint photoshopped she looks abnormal… well done on knowing how to use photoshop… I think she looks amaze!!

‘But she looks so different to her body on love island… I don’t believe she doesn’t edit her figure! I’d love to see her in real life (sic).’ 


Different look: Olivia is varying in her bikinis than her clothes.


Flawless frame: Olivia’s figure is undoubtedly sensational.

Cooling off: Olivia’s Marbella break almost immediately follows her Love Island stint.