JODIE Marsh just can’t help herself.

ddThe glamour model turned the Jodie Marsh Instagram into an X-rated playground after posting a totally nude snap online.

raThe star – who is known for her shock-tastic uploads – shared a throwback image of her simply rocking her birthday suit.

rbWell, unless you count the pair of leather boots.

rcShot in sultry black and white, the star sat on her perky booty as she pushed out her enhanced assets.

hbSeductively flicking back her hair, Jodie longingly gazed into the camera as she opened her mouth.

The tattooed-babe recently opened up about her rocky love life, admitting men have done the dirty on her.

Writing on her pay-per-view blog, Jodie said: “I don’t agree with cheating.

“I’ve never cheated on anyone.

“I’ve been cheated on and I’ve had men lie to me and pretend they were single.

“My philosophy is that if you’re even looking with lusty eyes at another person or thinking pervy thoughts about another person, then you should be single.”

Not stopping there, the star added: “I’d [double space] rather end it with someone than risk cheating on them.

“If I’m really into a man I’ll never get bored off what happens in the bedroom with him.”

Jodie’s previous romances have dominated headlines.

She famously split with TOWIE hunk Kirk Norcross after he publicly claimed she wouldn’t sleep with him.

Recently Jodie finalised her divorce with James Placido, accusing him of using her for money.

Still, something tells us she won’t be short of interest after this breathtaking pic.