JOANNA KRUPA regularly strips off for naked photo shoots, but despite admitting that “her body has never looked so good,” she did insist that she still has insecurities, just like anybody else.

atThe 38-year-old – who has a huge following on social media – spoke out about the pressures to look good when it comes down to posing for sizzling snaps, with her admitting that although there are days when she doesn’t want to be photographed, she understands that that’s just part of the job.

apJoanna told : “My body has never looked so good as it has the last few years. I’ve stayed focused and disciplined in terms of health and fitness.”

akHowever, she did add: “No matter how hard you work to have the ideal body [though] there is always insecurities.

ar“For shoots it’s all about the lighting and knowing your best angles. Even if you workout all the time nobody is without any imperfections, that’s why I rely on the good light.”

tt“There are days where you don’t feel your best, but if it’s a booked photo shoot you don’t have the choice. You have to show up, be professional and do an amazing job,” she continued.

Joanna – who regularly sparks an online frenzy with an array of jaw-dropping snaps – also went on to insist that women should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies, despite her sometimes getting trolled online for flashing a bit too much flesh.

She shared: “Women should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies and show them off as they please as long as it’s done tastefully and doesn’t disrespect anyone.

“If it’s not hurting anyone and they are doing it because they are proud of their bodies, why not?”

Joanna also spoke out about her recent split from Romain Zago; who she married in 2013.

Discussing just how tough it is to go through a break-up in the public eye, the beauty said: “It’s always hard no matter what but that’s when you rely on the closest people next to you.

“I don’t think the lifestyle itself [is to blame], but all the travelling associated with it puts a strain on a relationship. We were bicoastal, which added to the pressure and problems.

“I definitely have learned through this relationship that a couple can’t be bicoastal. They have to live in the same city especially, when one of them travel all the time for work.”