After attending the wedding of celebrity publicist Meredith O’Sullivan, Jessica Biel headed to the airport in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to return home today (September 3).

The “Total Recall” star dodged puddles in a light blue shirt dress, and flats while carrying her passport and a black handbag.

While the 30-year-old may be on a strict diet to prepare for cameras filming at every angle, after work ends, she likes to indulge.

She tells Grazia magazine that as soon as filming for “Total Recall” was wrapped, she went out and splurged. Miss Biel said, “I love anything fried. I trained for months for ‘Total Recall’, ate really healthily and didn’t drink alcohol. When it was over I ate a big bucket of fried chicken.”

However, moderation is the key. “Taking a yoga class at the end of a day’s work. That helps me to completely unwind,” she says.