In town to promote her new fragrance, Boss, Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on “El Hormiguero” show and at her new scent’s launch in Madrid, Spain on Monday (October 29).

On “El Hormiguero” (Spanish for “the anthill”), she put her cooking skills to the test and even strapped on a guitar for the show whose topics range from comedy to science to politics. The “Iron Man” star looked lovely in a tight reddish dress, showing off her long legs in black heels.

Later, the 40-year-old actress got all gussied up in her evening wear for the fragrance launch, wearing a shiny black dress with matching heels and clutch.

Earlier on Monday, she exercised her language skills on her Twitter account, tweeting, “Hola! Soy una madrileña hoy. Adonde cenamos esta noche?” which translates to “Hello! I’m from Madrid today. Where shall we go to dinner tonight?”