With her second Push and Shove single “Looking Hot” slated to pump through radio stations on November 6th, Gwen Stefani pitched in on promotions by covering the November 2012 America issue of NYLON magazine.

The 43-year-old No Doubt frontrunner seemed to keep with a black and white wardrobe theme for the Marvin Scott Jarrett shot front page while opening up about being famous to how she uses magazines for music inspiration.

A few highlights from Miss Stefani’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to NYLON!

On fame:
“I’m telling you right now, being Number One or playing in a garage–they’re both super fun.”

On what inspires her:
“I got all my favorite people that I work with [together] and we had a creative day. We basically all sat around with our art books and [magazine] tears and just put them up and did collages and tried to get a direction. We ended up not using anything, but it was really fun.”

On how the music world and award shows are evolving:
“It used to have so much weight. People even paid attention to the categories! Now if you win one–I don’t even think anyone takes your picture. It’s like, whatever.”