Random Facebook friend requests can be annoying – but for one teenager it turned her whole life upside down.

Rebecca Luff, 18, didn’t know Michael Young when he added her by chance on the social network two years ago.

Just one tiny significant detail mattered – the 25-year-old lived in Adelaide, Australia.

Casually accepting the fateful friend request two years ago, and starting off with friendly conversation – before the pair fell in love .

The pair had been speaking online for months via Facebook and Skype and eventually made things official in December 2015.

After endless conversations, Michael came to Rebecca’s home town of Plymouth in September 2016 where they spent three weeks in each other’s company and travelled for a mini-break to Amsterdam.


Rebecca told the Plymouth Herald : “When we first met it was like I had known him my whole life, it wasn’t awkward at all. We just clicked.

“When we first started talking, I never thought it would be this serious.

“Nobody took us seriously for a long time; I think everyone thought it was all a bit bizarre.”

Rebecca explained how leaving each other at the airport, “your stereotypical, movie-style, upsetting goodbye” as they didn’t know when they would next see each other.

The couple, who have not seen each other since October 3, have now been dating for a year and a half.

After almost five months apart, Rebecca, who works for insurance company TH March, is taking a three-month sabbatical from her full time job to travel and spend three months with Michael in Australia.


She said: “I’m so excited to finally be able to go and visit the places he regularly tells me about, and of course finally get to meet his family and friends properly.

“It’s strange because I already feel like I know them, we’re Facebook friends and I regularly speak to them when we’re on Skype to each other.

“His Nan is letting me borrow her car whilst I’m there so I can travel around whilst Michael is at work, which is lovely.

“The best part is, everyone is so supportive, and my Dad always tells me to do these crazy things whilst I’m young.”

The couple plan on travelling around Australia as Rebecca really wants to visit Bondi Beach.

“It would be rude not to, since as I’ve gone all the way there,” she said. “I need to tick it off my bucket list”.

As for their future, they both know the day is going to come when one of them is going to have to take the plunge and move half way across the world so they can be together for everyday life.

Rebecca added: “It sounds incredibly cheesy, but if it’s meant to be we will find a way to make it work”.