JUST one year after she made her debut as Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke starred in coming-of-age film Spike Island.

trThe actress took on the role of Sally, a local girl who stole the heart of lead character Gary Tichfield (played by Elliott Tittensor).

thIn the 2012 film, Gary and his friends attempt to get tickets to The Stone Roses’ legendary gig at Spike Island in Cheshire but fail to gain entry.

hyRefusing to give up, he meets up with Sally and the pair take drugs on the opposite side of the fence to where the concert is taking place.

niIt’s then that Gary and Sally share their first kiss as they dance to the band before heading back to his house.

koSally can be seen undressing out of her dungarees and hooded jacket as she locks lips with Gary.

He slowly removes her clothing in the intimate scene and she can be seen lying on her back with her bra on full display as they passionately embrace.

Emilia is no stranger to stripping off and recently revealed how she really felt filming nude scenes in for Game of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen.

“I don’t have any qualms saying to anyone it was not the most enjoyable experience,” she told TIME magazine.

“How could it be? I don’t know how many actresses enjoy doing that part of it.”