Our Instagram babe of the Week title goes to Dolly Castro.

aaWith close to 6 million followers, the fitness model is taking over the online flesh-flashing game with her killer bikini body reveals.

abOften referred to as the new Kim Kardashian, Dolly is known for flaunting her almighty boobs and booty in skintight attires.

An avid gym enthusiast, the raven-haired beauty has her own fitness lifestyle brand Bars and Branches.

But just how did the buxom babe climb her way to the top of the Instagram game?

qqBorn in Nicaragua, Central America, the Latina beauty took part in pageants as a child.

Proving that she’s got brains to match her looks, the 33-year-old studied Law at university.

ttHowever, similar to lawyer-turned-Instagram babe Pia Muehlenbeck, the starlet quit her schooling to chase her modelling dreams.

htNow residing in Miami, the buxom beauty has built up a loyal following.

While she may be best known for her eye-popping assets, Dolly is keen for people to recognise the fact she is business-savvy.

huTalking to Mixed magazine, she admitted: “Let’s be honest, my good looks might get me in the door but my intelligence takes me to the top floor baby.”

And it seems the online sensation knows what she’s doing when it comes to making a profit from her skin-baring snaps.

In an interview with Daily Star Online, Instagram babe Lindsey Pelas revealed she treats her profile like a “piece of real estate”.

Taking a similar approach, Dolly has also worked hard to make her page a moneymaker.

She admitted: “I make 80 percent of my earnings thanks to social media.”

From just one look at the Latina bombshell’s profile, it’s not hard to see how she keeps her followers engaged.

In one recent snap, the starlet unloaded her mega cleavage in a plunging swimsuit.

Letting fans get up close and personal, the model offered a perv’s eye view of her bulging chest.

In awe of the post, one viewer remarked: “Wow, such extravagant beauty.”

Another said: “You would make such a beautiful wife.”

“You have lovely breasts,” an eagle-eyed follower noted.