CANNES 2017 has played host to its most explicit nude scene ever, critics are saying.

drL’Amant Double, directed by Francois Ozon, has seemingly shown Fifty Shades of Grey a thing or two about gob-smacking sexual content.

rtFor one, it opens with an extreme close-up of actress Marine Vacth’s vagina.

That’s just the start: it continues to include a threesome a moment involving a sex toy, and an internal shot of Vacth climaxing.

ttIt reportedly left audiences in raptures – which is more than can be said for the critically-anned Fifty Shades.

Reviews have been largely positive – The Telegraph’s hy awarded four stars and drew parallels with Fifty Shades.

Awarding four stars, he said: “Shiveringly sexy and slippery as satin, with its tongue stuck everywhere including its cheek, it’s like the wildest Frasier episode they never made, and hits all the parts – sometimes literally – the Fifty Shades of Grey films couldn’t hope to reach.”

kpVariety were also positive, saying: “This twin-centric erotic psychological thriller from François Ozon marks a welcome return to the frisky pleasures of his early career.”

They added: “What’s liberating here is the film’s lack of inhibitions, which absolves the guilt without compromising the pleasure.”

The Hollywood Reporter called it a “juicy” drama, saying: “By turns gently emotional and aggressively nerve-jangling, Philippe Rombi’s score swerves and shifts almost as much as the storyline.

“It’s the perfect accompaniment for a film that’s made with serious craftsmanship but never takes itself seriously.”