Now, 24-year-old contestant Che McSorley has opened up about her intimate past with Gaz Beadle, and things got a little graphic.

aaThe Dublin beauty got together with Gaz while they cast were in Ibiza, however she didn’t have a pleasant experience.

In a shock TMI moment, Che admitted that sex with Gaz left her sore.

Yup, really.

abSpeaking about Gaz’s infamous Parsnip, Che said: “Gaz has got a massive schlong, it’s too big.

“I’ve known him for ages and met up with him in Ibiza, we had sex but I just couldn’t enjoy it as it was too painful because his d*** is too big.

gh“I told him, and we tried to work our way around it but there was nothing we could do about it.”

giShe told The Sun that she said to Gaz: “Oh God, get it out!”

Sadly for Gaz, once was enough for the blonde beauty.

The MTV reality babe also revealed that Gaz tried it on again the next morning, but she told him to “get away” from her.

juAnd while Gaz’s member may have sent Che running in the opposite direction, she admitted Stephanie Davis’ ex Josh Ritchie was by far her favourite celebrity conquest.

She said the former Love Island star was “just the right size” and he knows what he’s doing.