She’s a part of the star-studded cast in the upcoming action/sci-fi flick “Looper”, and Emily Blunt also found herself chosen for a feature included in the July 2012 issue of Total Film magazine.

29-year-old actress looked radiant in red for the Julian Broad shot profile pic while dishing about everything from her openness when it comes to roles to how great it was working on her latest project.

Highlights from Miss Blunt’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Total Film!

On spending time around the globe:
“I work in Britain all the time, so for me I do always get that injection of British life that I crave when I’m here. But that’s the joy of the job. You’re quite nomadic, can go anywhere.”

On not being stuck on a certain type of role:
“I’m open to anything really, I’ve learned to embrace the unknown and really enjoy that moment when you read a script and it jumps off the page at you and you go ‘this is what I want to do.'”

On her ambiguous nature:
“I don’t really see myself as anything really. I don’t want to be pigeonhole or categorize myself. I just want to try everything, and I don’t tend to take on a role based on genre. I tend to take it based on the script or the character.”

On her new movie ‘Looper’:
“It was fu**ing awesome and I’m unfathomably lucky to be in it. I play Sarah, a girl from the Midwest, Kansas, and I live on a farm and I have a son and she’s fierce and protective and tough and I wield a big gun. It’s so awesome, so exciting – it looks like an old Spielberg movie. I really think it’s the coolest movie I’ve ever been a part of.”