You may wonder, does Paris Hilton have a brother? In fact, Paris has three siblings which are younger than her. She actually has two brothers, Barron Hilton and Conrad Hughes Hilton. It seems her brother Barron has picked up the drinking gene! Her brother Barron Hilton 18 and is a partier. He has been arrested on charges of drunk driving and carrying a fake driver’s license. He got three years probation. The rumour is that Barron apparently called Sister Paris to bail him out! However, she refused! The fact that Paris took her brother out to bars and got him drunk certainly adds to the fire. So now we know the answer to the question, ‘does Paris Hilton have a brother.’

Conrad Hilton is the youngest brother at just 13 years old. He is actually named after the Great grandfather Conrad, who founded the Hilton Hotels. He is your typical kid and apparently loves to skateboard. So far the answer to, does Paris Hilton have a brother, seems to be escaped on younger Conrad. However, he is still young and who knows what the future holds with a celebrity family that seems to be constantly in the spotlight for everything from sex scandals to drunk driving. Maybe, young Conrad will be the exception and shun his families darkened celebrity status.
So the answer to ‘does Paris Hilton have a brother’ is that she has two. One brother that seems to be on the same wild road that Paris herself has been on many times and another who is too young to fully be immersed in the celebrity scandals and lifestyle yet. I am sure we will hear more about the Hilton family and the way of the two younger brothers in the future. Hopefully, Barron will learn from his mistakes and be the role model that his brother Conrad needs at these tender years in his life.