Roosevelt Hotel

Cristiano Ronaldo has lost interest in Paris Hilton. The soccer star and the hotel heiress spent the night together earlier this month and vowed to keep their romance alive. But less than two weeks after their passionate liaison, the 23-year-old sportsman has claimed he doesn’t have time for the 28-year-old blonde beauty.

Cristiano said, “She was a really cool girl and we had a great time talking. I am a young man and Paris a young lady, and us talking in a club is just what normal people our age do. She lives thousands of miles away and is busy, and I am busy in Madrid so I am not sure if we will be able to see each other. I am just making the most of the short summer I get.”

Paris and Cristiano spent hours “swapping spit” at MyHouse club in Los Angeles before driving to her sister Nicky Hilton’s nearby home in West Hollywood at 3am. A grinning Cristiano was photographed leaving the mansion at 5am. He and Paris met up for a second time less than 24 hours later.

Meanwhile, Paris’s mother Kathy has lashed out at her daughter’s ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. She said, “I think Paris needs to be with someone who is a bit more mature, older and has their own thing.”

Paris” aunt Kyle Richards also commented on her niece’s relationship with “The Hills” star. She said, “The stories out there about our family not approving of their relationship are completely true. Doug was riding Paris” coattails.”