With her hit show “Homeland” returning for its second season beginning September 30th, Claire Danes got a jumpstart on promotions by covering the September 2012 issue of British GQ magazine.

The 33-year-old actress looked enchanting in a Ralph Lauren Black Label evening halter maxi dress for the front page shot while dishing about everything from her Showtime series to taking herself too seriously in the past.

Highlights from Claire’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to British GQ!

On her admiration for Carrie Mathison, whom her ‘Homeland’ character is based upon:
“She’s like my kinky superhero alter ego now. Because as disturbed and troubled as she is, she’s always f***ing right. Which is so nice because I so rarely am.”

On turning down the lead role in the blockbuster movie ‘Titanic’:
“I had just made a romantic epic with Leonardo [DiCaprio] – it just seemed redundant to me. The problem is that I always took myself too seriously. Now I realize I should have lightened up. I was a serious kid to an absurd degree. I was overwhelmed with responsibility, trying to play grown up. I overdid it.”

On being away from husband Hugh Dancy while filming ‘Homeland’ in North Carolina:
“It sucks. Seven years, it’s a long-a** time. But every year I’m going to have something really compelling to do.”