CHLOE Khan has been working hard lately.

bbChloe Khan Instagram hosts an endless stream of eye-watering pictures, where she can be seen showing off her killer figure.

baIn fact, X Factor babe Chloe wastes no opportunity to tease her enhanced assets.

bdSo it should come as no surprise that Chloe’s recent Snapchat footage saw the starlet stripping down to a number of seriously racy outfits.

The first clip opened with Chloe driving to Newcastle with a photographer to prepare for a new shoot.

dtOnce they arrived, they headed up to their suite, with Chloe stripping to a racy black number.

With her enormous assets bulging from the see-through outfit, Chloe’s chest looked ready to make a break for it.

apThe bombshell continued to share behind-the-scenes clips from her outrageous day, before things descended into chaos.

Clearly in the mood to misbehave, the Celebrity Big Brother vixen decided it would be a good idea to slide down the staircase – what on earth could go wrong?

The brunette beauty mounted the wooden rail and attempted to slide down, saying: “This better not fall off.”

However, the pole just wasn’t greased enough as she shouted: “Ah I’m stuck, it doesn’t slide.”

Never one to give up, Chloe threw on a naked dress for extra slip and slide ability, telling her pal: “Right, lets try again.”

The fabric certainly did it’s job as Chloe then flew down the wooden rail, launching herself into the raised part at the end, smacking her big booty at the end.

Letting out a cry while laughing at the same time, we’re not sure if Chloe regrets it or is currently preparing for a second flight.