CAMERON DIAZ may be a Bad Teacher but she’s a red hot sex symbol from Sex Tape to Charlie’s Angels.

ftThe actress probably gets an F for inappropriate schoolroom behaviour but an A fror driving men wild.

aaThe riotous comedy is on CHannel 4 tonight at 11pm and features a very strange sex scene with Justin Timberlake.

acThe sizzling car wash moment more than makes up for it. Most men would drive their precious cars through mud just so they could have the blonde bombshell hose it (and them) down.

hyWe look at her all-time sexiest movies and X-rated moments next.

In Bad Teacher Diaz plays a substitute teacher who is only interested in fast cars, fast men and even faster ways to get rich quick.

ghShe combines all that in the classic scene where she raises money for the kids but soaping and spraying her way to pockets (and bras) full of cash.

gnDespite her sexy antics, she doesn’t strip off in the provocative comedy, saving that sight for the even more outrageous Sex Tape.

Sex Tape really is, as the name suggests, a film about making a sex tape.

Diaz and Jason Segel play a foolish couple who make the explicit home movie to liven up their marriage but it goes missing.

Cameron Diaz and Jason Seigel

Cameron Diaz and Jason Seigel

Unusually for Hollywood, it’s not their fault. After all, entire celebrity careers have been launched in exactly this way…

It’s certainly one educational video that won’t be shown in schools.

Although it might ensure greater attention from the students if it were shown in Sex Ed.