This is the moment a naked woman opens her towel while getting ready in the Big Brother house and is broadcast live on the news.

Her breasts were out for all to see as she adjusts her bath towel and wraps herself back up.

But the bathroom moment happened as a TV news reporter was talking about antics in the house and had the live show playing on a screen beside her.

The news program cut to the main host, who was visibly shocked the naked woman had been exposed on the show and was left open mouthed at the sight.


The naked woman was Melissa Saldivar, a 35 year old from Houston in Texas who owns her own boxing gym.

She is appearing in the Puerto Rico version of Big Brother , Gran Hermano which is also produced by Endemol who produce the British version of the show.

Her topless moment was shown as part of Telemundo’s news show, in which celebrity correspondent Maria del Carmen Gonzalez was presenting a section called Acceso Total or Full Access.