ASHLEY JAMES regularly shows off her enviable figure on social media, but she took things to a whole new level in her latest upload.

vfThe presenter and DJ – who regularly takes to Instagram to urge her followers to be confident in their own skin – stripped completely naked aside from a necklace in a sizzling Boomerang shared online this evening.

nnShe gazed seductively over her shoulder as she playfully messed with her jewellery, with her flashing her washboard stomach and covering her bare breasts with her hands.

Ashley teased her behind as the camera cut off just above her peachy posterior and she wore her blonde locks in tousled waves blowing in the wind.

noThe former Made in Chelsea star captioned the steamy post: “Wish I was back in the Croatian sunset wearing only an @elizabeth_carolineuk necklace,” alongside a winking emoji.

Unsurprisingly, the raunchy shot went down a storm with Ashley’s 92,000 followers.

One person gushed: “You’re amazing Ashley,” as a second cheekily commented: “Wearing too much if you ask me!!”

A third wrote: “@ashleylouisejames you are absolutely gorgeous as always.”

Ashley’s latest social media offering comes after she spoke out about being sexualised as a teenager, admitting she was already wearing D cup bras at 14-years-old which resulted in her struggling with her appearance as she got older.

Speaking exclusively to, Ashley revealed: “A lot of comments I get are misogynistic. I can wear a pink dress that covers my entire body and there will be men saying ‘nice t*ts.’

“I grew up as a teenager with big boobs from a really young age, I think I was like a D cup at 14. I wasn’t sexual, but I was sexualised…for example, teachers wouldn’t let me wear certain clothes. Not just teachers, but with older guys all of my life.”