When it comes to the modelling industry, it is probably fair to say that America has given us a huge amount of the most beautiful women who have ever graced the modelling scene and they continue to give us such stunning stars on a very regular basis.

daWith that said, when it comes to the biggest and the best models in the business, there are not many on the scene right now, or who have ever been involved in the modelling industry, who can compete with the incredible Kate Upton.

ftKate Upton has already pretty much done it all on the modelling scene, which is probably one of the reasons why she decided to make the move to Hollywood and try her hand at the acting industry, appearing in a number of movies and having plenty more coming our way over the course of the next few years.

frWhile we love Kate Upton no matter what, we think that she always has been and always will be more suited to modelling than acting, and here we are going to show you just why we believe so strongly in that.