Showing her respect for culture music, Tina Fey attended the Broadway premiere of “Aladdin” in New York City today (March 20).

Arriving in casual threads, the cute comedian sported a gray leather coat and black skinnies, smiling for a few snapshots before heading into the New Amsterdam Theatre.

In related news, a certain green, froggy Muppet’s character made an appearance on a recent episode of “The Tonight Show,” telling Jimmy Fallon all about his scenes with Tina, saying, “I’d like to address something for everybody out there … there’s a scene in that movie where Tina (Fey) and I, we sort of almost ended up in the tabloids.”

The frog, one Kermit by name, continued, saying, “I don’t know how to put it delicately, but she licks me. She does. She licked me right on the back. And I was naked during the scene, although I kept my robe on right up until the time we rolled the cameras!”