She isn’t known for being discreet with her father’s F1 millions.

So, perhaps unsurprisingly, Tamara Ecclestone is pulling out al the stops when it comes to getting in the festive spirit – as she proved with her latest Instagram post, this week.

The 32 year-old heiress flaunted her wealth by revealing details of her opulent Christmas celebrations on Saturday, which have already begun in multi-millionaire style.

Having transformed her home into a winter wonderland, she first uploaded a video of daughter Sophia, 2, opening her advent calendar which left fans open-mouthed.

Unlike the standard style, the toddler’s calendar is an epic piece of furniture with twenty-five glass-paneled units, each filled with beautifully-wrapped gifts inside.

It also boasted faux brickwork and what appears to be solid gold hinges. Judging by the scale, the bespoke decoration appears to be nearly five feet in height and width, making it the same size as a modest two-seater sofa

Not that they were fazed by it all, of course. Sat on the floor in a red and white sweater, Sophia can be seen eagerly unwrapping luxury cup cakes from the third window, before finding a second gift intended for Tamara – and ripping it open.

But the mum-of-one was clearly loving the action as she could be heard giggling behind the camera. Captioning the clip, which amassed more than 70,000 views in 17 hours, she wrote: ‘Counting down to Christmas #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear ‘, it generated hundreds of ‘likes’ and countless references to Tamara’s shameless style.

One fan wrote: “Wow! That’s what you call an advent calendar”, while another simply said: “OMG”. However, one more critical follower was less kind, saying: “Beautiful handmade piece of carpentry, BUT she has no real interest in what is inside. It’s all just tossed aside.

I know you’re a good mum, but this is all about showing off and materialism. It’s totally unnecessary and what would happen if your money became less available. How would you cope with life’s difficulties. You’d be better off taking your child to give out gifts at an orphanage to help her really appreciate what a lucky little girl she is.”

However, moments later, Tamara shared another snap of her front door which had been adorned with life-size soldiers and glamorous wreaths.

Posing up a storm in a designer leopard-print coat, the socialite was visibly proud of her seasonal splurge.

The latest sighting comes just months after Tamara’s husband, Jay Rutland, covered their £70 million mansion in rose petals to celebrate her birthday.