Sienna Miller gets angry at interviewer over Getty question

Touchy touchy, Sienna.

The actress obviously hasn’t learned the politician’s trick of avoiding unwelcome questions.

In an interview in Australia where she is promoting new film ‘GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra’ she lost it when Fox FM reporter Adam Richard started asking about her on-off boyfriend Balthazar Getty. Eek. She told him to “p*** off” before calling him a “douche bag”.

Douche bag? We thought we were supposed to be English, Sienna!

Answering questions alongside co-star Rachel Nichols, she snapped: “You’ve called us scrags, bitches, knocked-up. We are not here to talk about him [Getty]. But, yes, I know him and everything’s good, thank you. What a scoop! Congratulations! You’re really, really clever!”

Steady on!

Richard apologised: “I didn’t mean to step on your toes.”

But Sienna hit back with: “You’re going there.”

Looks like he got his scoop after all.

This isn’t the first question Sienna has had to answer about her love life recently. An interviewer asked her if she was planning to be getting married and she said, “’No plans to get married, no. No one to marry!”

That’s what you get for dating a married man…