shailene-woodley-fashion-image1She’s fresh off of the release of her acclaimed movie “The Descendants,” and Shailene Woodley brought her style sense to the January 2012 issue of InStyle magazine.

The 20-year-old actress pretties up the pages while showing off an array of garb from top name designers such as Phillip Lim, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci and Bottega Veneta.

Below is a rundown of Miss Woodley’s comments on the different looks, with the styles in which she’s talking about available for viewing with the accompanying links.

“I like the contours of this top and how billowy it is. As for accessories, I usually wear only scarves and beanies, but these necklaces are colorful and cool.” – See the Photo!

“I love to wear dresses. I especially appreciate the freedom and comfort of long ones. You can sit without worrying about them rising up. But don’t get me wrong – I like short ones too!” – See the Photo

“I’m into stripes, including nautical ones. And I adore these shorts, which are funky wothout being too retro.” – See the Photo!

“These shorts have a higher waist and aren’t too tight, which is key for me. Clothes are all about comfort!” – See the Photo!

“These stacked necklaces blend with the coral-colored ones in a natural way that doesn’t look over-the-top.” – See the Photo!